The Barge Inn share offer is LIVE!

  • The Barge Inn Share Offer

    Our campaign to raise funds to buy the Barge Inn is now live on Crowdfunder and ready to receive your pledges.

    Much has been said about how important pubs are to communities, particularly a small rural community such as ours so there is no need to cover that ground again here. The Crowdfunder site has our share offer where our motivations are explained, our business plan and the Company rules are also there for you to read.

    The steering group have worked long and hard on this project and have been overwhelmed and hugely heartened by the support and encouragement from not only the local community, but also from the many people who have contacted us from further afield, those who have loved coming here over the years and know how special the place is.

    Form the very beginning of our campaign, we committed ourselves to complete transparency, and as a Community Benefit Society, The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd are registered with the FCA and Co-operatives UK. Rules are in place to preclude any possibility of profiteering – specifically the asset lock, which is a defining characteristic of this type of Society, and there is a one member, one vote policy, which means that a larger investor will have no more influence on decisions than a small investor. As a member you will be expected to participate in meetings at which decisions affecting the Company will be taken.

    It will be YOUR pub, and bearing this in mind, your first task is for to help us to promote the Crowdfunder site. We need you to share on social media, we need you to infect your friends and family with your love and enthusiasm for the Barge Inn, we need you to paint yourself hi viz and shout from the topmost branches of the tallest trees! Evangelise!

    We have preparations to take the campaign national, we have done our bit, we need you to do your bit now and get the ball rolling. Exciting times!

    The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd

Please help us to publicise the campaign: