minutes 8 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

8th March 2018     6pm Meeting 3 of 3
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Sarah Huggins Apologies:  Ben Pope, Bethan Englefield


Minutes of 20th February agreed.


Support from Urban Lions

  • Steve to make post on fb page with links to the bands playing to promote their music.
  • Steve to make post on fb page to ask bands that have played at the Barge to send their best song to Phil for mixing.
  • Sharyn to invite Phil to look over Bouverie Hall, Andy to join.
  • Discussion re. admin rights to facebook page – Steering Group only.


  • Nel updated PCC on where we are with bid. They were very positive.
  • PCC agreed to post information on their village website and in newsletter.
  • Polly Carson agreed to be the PCC liaison for the Barge Cooperative and the PCC agreed to ask for locals to come forward to also represent the village.
  • PCC made official decision that they were not going for a bid and will inform the council that this is so. They will also add that we are going to bid.

Community Shares Company

  • Steve updated us on his conversation with David Boyle. The Community Shares Company is looking more favourable as a mentor and signposter to access funding.  Nel will talk to David (also Ben if available) and the group agreed that they will accept whichever decision Ben and Nel make as to who to go with (Plunkett or CSC)

Legal Structures

  • Nel has gone through four main choices of community company. She has recommended that we go for Community Benefit Society as it ticks the most boxes to fit our purpose.

Setting up Company

  • Need to get going with the formation of the company as we need a business bank account to be able to begin accessing funding. To set up the company we need to decide the rules and will follow the Rulebook that David Boyle has sent to email.  This will be completed at next meeting.
  • Next step will be to register as a ltd company at Companies House and with FCA – will DB be able to help out with that?


Benefit Gig

  • Raffle: Tickets are £1 each.  Sharyn has sold a lot and has obtained more raffle prizes  – see list.
  • Sharyn will contact Marden Community minibus + driver to run people from Woodbridge and Golden Swan.
  • Raffle Money will be stored in Nel’s saving account for now until we have a business account.
  • Takings on night will be stored in an agreed place.
  • All alcohol is sale or return apart from cans of lager and cider.

Next Meeting:  Black Horse  Tuesday 13th March

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