minutes 20 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative:   Meeting Minutes

20th March 2018   6pm Meeting 5 of 5  
Present Andy Lingard, Nel Lingard, Steve Grist, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins, Ben Pope

Apologies:  Bethan Englefield


  • Minutes of 13th March agreed by group.


  • Draft rules – agree and sign off

Rules agreed and signed off – two outstanding queries that Nel will draft.  


  • Update from Ben’s conversation with Christies


  • No accounts available

Christies are fine with overage

  • Building work that hasn’t been remedied, a sum will need to be deducted from purchase price.
  • Current owner doesn’t want to go to lease but there was discussion about a tenancy at will (no defined period, each side only needs to give one month’s notice).
  • Christies does not have any instruction not to sell it to us. Current ownders lawyer have no instruction to not sell to us.

Situation with current owners discussed .

  • Christie’s man will email Current Owner about confirmation about selling to us, tenancy at will.


  1. Esther – PR and TV. Esther was not able to join us at the meeting.
  2. Nick Brown – previous life in Mergers & Acquisitions & Legal officer for K&A group

– Ben is leaving on 10th April until end of November.

 – Group agreed that in Ben’s absence, we will consult Nick with any legalese questions if needed and if he is able to help.

  1. Benefit gig tasks and countdown: Task list given out.
  2. AOB: We will have a valuation and survey then make a firm decision as to what we are prepared to pay.


Next Meeting:  Southgate , Tuesday 27th at 6pm

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2 Replies to “minutes 20 march 2018”

  1. Regarding Funding – looking at the practicalities – a format is needed whereby the “investors” have a means of getting their money out should a situation arise whereby that is what they want, or need, to do.

    Community scheme sounds good but in practice steerage will be difficult and personal relationships will be broken over the tiller.

    Its not an easy problem to solve. Good on you for trying though.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Investors will be able to get their money out, although there will probably need to be restrictions on when they are able to do so. We are working on the rules for the company at the moment which addresses these kind of questions. We are hoping to have them ready soon and will publish them once they are finalised.

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