minutes 20 march 2018

Barge Cooperative Meeting Minutes

27th March 2018 6pm Meeting 6 of 6

Present Nel and Andy Lingard, Steve Grist, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins

Apologies Ben Pope, Bethan Englefield

Support Darren from Earth Radicals and Si Tux joined us to advise and generally be a godsend with Sound Equipment.

Minutes of 20th March Agreed


1. Benefit Gig at Bouverie Hall

Malfuncktion pulled out today.

· Make sure heating is turned off for evening.

· Revised Timings for Band:

Tripolar: 7.30 – 8.15

Boothills: 8.30 – 9.30

Urban Lions: 10 – 11.00

Darren will talk to Phil B about this.

· Set up hall for music, food and bar at 4pm

· Bouverie Hall terms have been added to email address . These terms are also adequate as risk assessment.

· Lights in bar and kitchen need to be dimmed – Sarah to bring plug-in lamps.

· Sharyn bring Cash box

· Sarah bring Whiteboard/whiteboard pen

· Steve bring bucket for cash on door

· Sarah bring stapler

· Nel and Andy to get float – NB: Ben recommended £100 worth.

· Stever to state on fb that there is no admission after 10.30pm


Ale – £3

Cider – £3

Cans – £2

Short + mix – £3.50 Double – £5

Wine – £4 125 measure £3.50

Sharyn to bring chalkboard/chalk to list prices

Burgers/Hot Dogs/Veggie Burger – £2

David Boyle response to Rules

The amendments cost money

1-6 amendments = £150

7 – 10 = £350

10 + = £950

Questions to David Boyle: Who does the payments go to? What other charges should we expect to incur through the process?

Public Meeting

After the gig, we will set a date for a public meeting to be held, probably at Coronation Hall by the end of April.

Coms post Gig

We will send out communication re the following after the gig:

– How much we have raised

– Thanks to everyone who supported

– Where we’re at in terms of the process.

– Our next steps

Information for Gig

Sarah to draft a poster for foyer of gig.

Next Meeting not yet set.

Please help us to publicise the campaign: