Minutes 17/4/18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 17/4/18

17 th April 2018 Meeting 8 of 8
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis,Sarah Huggins
Apologies Steve Grist, Ben Pope
 Bank
 David Boyle
 Donations
 Business Plan
 Registration
 Crowdfunder
1. Bank
Ecology don’t do current accounts. HSBC is a good option – made appointment for Friady.
2. David Boyle
is fine with all queries. He has told us about the standard mark – we can apply for £10,000
start-up funding on application.
3. DBB
– has given us money from the Southgate chilli night – needs banking.
4. Figures for Business Plan
Went through the Business Plan in detail – amended and tweaked. Need a 3 year
projection, currently only have 2.
5. Crowdfunder
We need to include the business plan on the page.
6. Registration of the Company is currently 3 weeks away.
7. Public Meeting – arrange for June 16 th Coronation Hall – Sarah to arrange.
8. Still looking out for a valuer – tried various contacts around the area.

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