minutes 13 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

13th March 2018                     6pm Meeting 4 of 4  
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Ben Pop, Sarah Huggins Apologies:  Steve Grist, Bethan Englefield



  • Minutes of 8th March agreed by group.


The format being used is a ‘fits all’ one, which has been sent by David Boyle.  As a group we need to ensure that it suits our purpose.  Nel and Ben will do this and will present the changes to the group before the benefit so that we can register the company once we have the funds from the gig.

Amendments/Decisions made at this meeting:

  • Directors hold 3year term.
  • There are 5 meetings per year, 1 AGM + 4 General – some discussion took place as to how to hold these meetings – this can be decided at a later date.
  • Membership Criteria – the group decided No to User and Employee members.  Yes to Supporter members.
  • There will be an elected board of directors, voted at the first AGM, which takes place after 18 months from company being in business. Potential candidates will be viewed online/village newsletter/village noticeboard.


PCC link

Polly Carson will be our PCC liaison.

Sharyn will contact Jackie and Liz.  We would also like to ask Robert CT to join us in a capacity.

Community Benefits

Discussion took place around how the pub will be beneficial to the community, aside from being a community pub. Ideas ranged from ensuring a place for younger members of the community to gather safely (youth club) to providing music and food to over sixties.  Ben also talked about a Community Points card scheme, where people who were signed up could issue points to be used in the pub, for example, litter picking along the towpath.

Ben also suggested a google document, named Scribbleboard, where we can add ideas and suggestions as they come to be decided on at a later date.


This was agreed and Sharyn will talk to Tanya at Wessex print to get 400 copies to be signed at benefit and taken door to door.


We will need to decide and designate roles in the company.

Funds raised from Benefit

For registration and valuation initially, depending on amount raised.  Survey also, if funds allow.


Sarah will make a poster of raffle prizes to have up at gig.

Future Meetings

Need to make meetings more structured and take it in turns to be chair.

Next Meeting Black Horse 20th March

Please help us to publicise the campaign: