Minutes 12 April 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 12/04/18

12th April 2018 Meeting 7 of 7

Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist

Apologies Sarah Huggins


* Minutes of 5th April agreed

* Project Action Plan/Registration Update

* PR

* Ideas for next fundraiser

* Business Plan

* Expense/Income Balance Sheet

* Negotiator/Value

* Voting re. name in minutes

* Recruitment for Skilled Directors.

1. Action Plan

Action Plan viewed by team.

2. PR

Andy and Nel updated re. meeting with Esther. She has many contacts, including tv, broadsheets and tabloids. She is very keen to help. Sharyn to liaise with Matt re. Youtube stuff, i.e. radio interview/photos + other PR ventures.

3. Next fundraiser

16th June gig – Sharyn to contact Coronation Hall to see if available. Also contact MJ. Sarah to talk to State of Undress. Decided to have a music/summer fete day, cake, tombola, hook a duck, lucky dip + other suggestions. Ask Pete about a clown session.

4. Business Plan

Nel to revise business plan and email it to the group for approval and amendments. Nel reported that the bank with the best fit for us is ‘Ecology Building.’ She will call them on Monday

5. Expense/Income Balance Sheet – created by Nel and emailed to group for additions.

6. Negotiator/Value

We need trades people to inspect timbers/woodwork for valuation purposes. Double check fixtures and fittings. Contact Christies to find out what is included in the purchasing price.

7. Recruitment for Skilled Directors

Sarah to draft advert for website and facebook page. Sharyn to contact Jen re accountancy, Ady to contact Mel and Sue re. daughter for solicitors

8. Leaflet for information and potential investors

The group are happy with the wording, colours need adjusting when go to print.

9. Crowdfunding

Advice required from David Boyle. Sarah/Sharyn to sort out.

10. Need to write up the gig proceeds and steps – Steve?

11. Andy is to contact council re. the planning enforcement order.

12. Sarah and Sharyn to manage door to door leaflets and questionnaires.

13. Andy and Nel updated re. meeting with Nick Brown. We need to make sure investors are reassured that we are going to stick with the project physically.

14. Andy to contact economic development officer at council. Prospectus run by FCA

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