Minutes 1/5/18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 1/5/18

1 st May 2018 Meeting 10 of 10
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sarah Huggins
Apologies Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sharyn Jarvis

 Crowdfunder/Share offer
 Publicity
 Jonathan Ashbridge/Valuation
 Bell in Bath

1. Crowdfunder/Share offer
The share offer is a huge piece of work and needs to be absolutely correct. Arranged a day
to sort out on 11 th May. Already have history etc/need business parts and legalese.
Must go on: Tick boxes to say been read, whether interested in tax relief, nomination of
beneficiary form – name, address, email, phone.
Tick box – declare over minimum age of 16
Tick box – permission to sent newsletters and other communication relating only to society
business – need that for data protection rules
Also need to state that won’t share data with anyone
Steve advised that the law on opt-in is tightening.
Do we have someone allocated to us for support with crowdfunder?
2. ITV feature was good on the whole and is generating lots of enquiries re. shares. Once the
share offer is up and running, Esther will jump in with her PR contacts. All in place and ready
to go.
3. Jonathan Ashbridge
Meeting was successful and JA has agreed to work for us pro bono. This shared on
facebook. Contact re. valuers were unsuccessful so we have decided to instruct James Baker
in Bath.

4. David Boyle/HMRC
Has provided us with a letter ready to go to HMRC, as soon as registration is complete. We
can treat the venture as a set up business which means that investors will be eligible for 50%
tax relief.

5. Bell in Bath
Have been hugely supportive and have offered to hold a fundraiser on our behalf after their
AGM. They will provide a band for the afternoon and we need to provide one for the
evening. Also need to discuss how to publicise this.

Jobs for each person in group to do by 11 th May
Andy: Email JA with business plan, continue to work on funding and grants, contact Bell re. publicity
and read handbook.
Nel: Complete legal part of share offer, put completed business plan with figures on email, read
Sarah: Send completed business plan to Alex for perusal and feedback, Leaflet Altons and Stanton
Sharyn: Read handbook

Please help us to publicise the campaign: