From all your messages of support we know there’s a huge amount of interest out there – we now need you to translate that into investment, so please don’t delay and invest today!
What’s in it for you?

• The first £150,000 invested will attract 50% tax relief with the remaining investments attracting 30% tax relief under the SEED EIS and EIS schemes. You can offset this tax relief against income tax, inheritance tax and half your capital gains tax.

• Following the 3-year moratorium we intend to pay interest on your investment of up to 3% from the operating profits.

• Once the freehold is truly in community hands, then you will have say in the decision making and how it’s run.
Why should you invest now?

• If you’re thinking that you want to wait to see if we reach our minimum target of £500,000 before you invest then we’re unlikely to succeed. We need you to invest now to help build the momentum – we’ve got a long way to go!

• Before we can apply for advance assurance from HMRC for the tax relief we need at least £50,000 to be invested.

• If we don’t reach our minimum target of £500,000 then all your money will be returned to you in full so why not commit now to encourage others to follow?

• If you are finding it hard to find the minimum investment of £250 – have you considered setting up a syndicate?
Help save this wonderful pub from property developers and speculators for you, your friends and family.

Without your commitment the project will fail. We’ve all invested – now it’s up to YOU!

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For investing in shares to help us save the Barge Inn, please see the links at the top of this page, or go to Crowdfunder directly. If you cannot invest in shares, you can make a donation using the button below.

We have been very fortunate in having been helped by many people who have worked on this project for free, however there are costs such as printing promotional materials, legal fees etc which we have to pay for. Some of your donation money will go towards these expenses.


Please help us to publicise the campaign:

The Barge Inn share offer is LIVE!

  • The Barge Inn Share Offer

    Our campaign to raise funds to buy the Barge Inn is now live on Crowdfunder and ready to receive your pledges.

    Much has been said about how important pubs are to communities, particularly a small rural community such as ours so there is no need to cover that ground again here. The Crowdfunder site has our share offer where our motivations are explained, our business plan and the Company rules are also there for you to read.

    The steering group have worked long and hard on this project and have been overwhelmed and hugely heartened by the support and encouragement from not only the local community, but also from the many people who have contacted us from further afield, those who have loved coming here over the years and know how special the place is.

    Form the very beginning of our campaign, we committed ourselves to complete transparency, and as a Community Benefit Society, The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd are registered with the FCA and Co-operatives UK. Rules are in place to preclude any possibility of profiteering – specifically the asset lock, which is a defining characteristic of this type of Society, and there is a one member, one vote policy, which means that a larger investor will have no more influence on decisions than a small investor. As a member you will be expected to participate in meetings at which decisions affecting the Company will be taken.

    It will be YOUR pub, and bearing this in mind, your first task is for to help us to promote the Crowdfunder site. We need you to share on social media, we need you to infect your friends and family with your love and enthusiasm for the Barge Inn, we need you to paint yourself hi viz and shout from the topmost branches of the tallest trees! Evangelise!

    We have preparations to take the campaign national, we have done our bit, we need you to do your bit now and get the ball rolling. Exciting times!

    The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd

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Gig Update

To all you brilliant ragged people who came to support the Barge Fundraiser…

Huge thanks, respect and love. Close to four and a half thousand pounds was  raised, which will pay for a survey and valuation and to register the Barge Co-operative as a Ltd Company as well as other preliminary expenses and fees.

crowd at the save the barge benefit gig

We want to especially massively thank Emma Keyworth for the glittery faces, Carol Krebs, Amy Schuring, Yvette Dinsdale, Debbie Woodstock and Sara Jeal and Dean for their help behind the bar.  Julian Huggins for inspiringly graceful brrrgrrr flipping, Colin Wicks for helping to maximise donations on the door and Flo and Issy who you couldn’t refuse to buy raffle tickets from.

DPS of Bouverie Hall, the local constabulary who were very happy with the organisation and execution of the night, Simon Tux, Darren Appleby, Damon Hardy and Pure Groove, magnificent men who stepped in at short notice after a problem and the troop of troopers, sound crew with the massive fantastic rig. Matt Williams for the laser light show and those who brought and loaned kit and equipment.

Nigel Wallace of Pewsey Waterfront bar for helping to procure the drink and Craig of Bohemian Bars who donated a box of disorientating cider.

Big thanks and respect to Phil Brady for his help with organisation and promo…and then there’s the bands!

Two thirds of Tripolar with regrets that Helen couldn’t be there with her flute, but who still made a huge noise.

tripolar folk band

The wonderful Boot Hill All Stars who always raise the roof from the rafters (be good to see you all at their festival, Once Upon a Time In The West, 13th – 15th July, tickets still available

boot hill all stars

The hugely talented Urban Lions raised what was left of the roof with their massive bass and dirty brass finale to a great night, and the DJ’s who kept you dancing between bands.

urban lions

Thanks also to Siobhan Boyle Photography who documented the night, pictures all over Facebook probably being harvested as I speak, and too many local businesses to mention here (there is a separate list of the fantastic raffle prizes very generously donated).
Many people who couldn’t make it on the night showed their support by donating money.

And then there’s you lot…friends we saw for the first time in a while and friends we made on the night who came, donated and danced, and drank the bar dry (we’ll know better next time.) The vibe was overwhelmingly love and inspiration and reminds us what it is that we’re trying to save, and all the brilliant nights we’ve spent together; boaters, campers, crop stompers, glittery kids and the local residents who love the place as much as we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support.

dj for the night

In no particular order, The Barge Co-operative steering group:
Nel and Andy Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins, Steve Grist and the octo-barman Ben Pope

There’s a full review of the gig available on the Devizine website here

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Raffle Prizes

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our raffle. We are overwhelmed with your generosity and support.

1. Gypsy Caravan Ride to the Seven Stars and Back. Time to pop in for a pint or a spot of lunch. A great and unusual prize donated by Polly Carson of White Horse Gypsy Caravans. Phone Polly on 01672 851119 to book your trip.

pewsey wharf2. A Main Meal and Bottle of Wine at the Waterfront Bar and Bistro, courtesy of Nigel Wallace.

Book your winning meal on 01672 564020 or visit their facebook page, The Waterfront Bar and Bistro at Pewsey Wharf

3. Free Service Wash from Market Place Launderette. Ella and Martin have completely revitalized the launderette and are very happy to support local causes. Phone on 01380 723728

herd thyme4. One hour of Herd Thyme Equine Facilitated Learning and Bareback Riding – meet Kara, Blackthorn, Jimmy, Primrose, Nelson and Frieda the donkey in the beautiful setting of Crofton. Kara’s outstanding skills in working with horses will guarantee that you come away refreshed and nurtured. Visit

urban lions album5. Urban Lions, new single, ‘See Me Rise’. An enormous thank you to Phil

and the band for all their help and support with our exciting new venture.

6. Gift Vouchers and Body Shop products from ‘Charli and Jo’ at the Wakkie Hair and Ink Companies. Charli and Jo love the Barge so much that they bought a narrowboat and moved onto the canal!

7. A delicious ‘Crop Circle’ Cake designed and made by Starr Norcliffe.

8. Two haircuts from The Barbers Room, Pewsey. Make your booking on 01672 569345

9. Tamsin Whinton – Gig voucher! You can book Tamsin to play at any celebration you like! Tamsin has also given us two more raffle prizes of a Spoon Carving workshop for the Winner and Five friends in Devizes and a Hand Carved Wooden gift.

10. Jemima Thompson, Pewsey – £60 voucher for home makeup/hairstyling.

11. Comfy Critters – £35 dog grooming voucher. Thank you to Mac and Les for your generous support. Find Comfy Critters on

12. Absolute Style: Wash, cut and blow dry voucher. Visit for your wonderful pampering experience.

13. Karuna Swedish Massage from Deborah Woodstock – visit her facebook page at Karuna SwedishMassage for the ultimate pampering treat!applecart cafe

14. Two free Breakfasts at the Applecart, Pewsey. Yum!


purple hands-shop-pewsey15. £20 voucher from Lez at Purple Hands, Pewsey. Lez’s new ‘hippie’ emporium opened just a month ago and is well worth a visit.

16. A Crystal Heart Necklace from Crystal Clear. Visit their website at
crystal clear

17. Picture frame from Bethan Englefield 

coopers arms18. Bottle of Prosecco from the Coopers Arms, Pewsey.

19. Festival Tickets, courtesy of Hawkeye Hoolihan. One for Wonkeydonk and the other for Dark Holler. For further details, see Lez at Purple Hands. These are two great little family festivals, held at Lychett Matravers in Dorset.

20. Bottle of Chardonnay, courtesy of the quiz winning team at the Royal Oak! Thanks guys!

21. £5 voucher to spend at Around the World, Pewsey, a great shop full of surprises.

22. A hand crafted walking stick from Peter Munt. A Lurcher head on a hawthorn stick, with black buffalo horn for decoration

(We may well have a few more to add too)

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Benefit Gig at The Bouverie Hall

We have organised a benefit gig, the proceeds will enable us to get the ball rolling. We urgently need to set up a company and have a survey done on the pub before we can proceed to fundraising and selling shares.

barge inn benefit gig poster

Please help us to publicise the campaign: