Campaign Update 24/6/18

Thank you to all the supporters of The Barge Inn that have invested and donated so far.  We’re just at the beginning of our campaign so we’d like to update you on exciting coming events and marketing strategy:


  • Out West festival in Wiltshire have put aside 100 adult tickets to be sold through their website and will donate £10 for every ticket using the code ‘bargehoney’.  We’ll be there promoting the cause so hope to see you there!
  • Wonky Donk and Dark Holler festivals will donate £15 for every ticket purchased through the shop Purple Hands in Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • The well-known music venue Scream Music Studios in Croydon, London are hosting a benefit gig with 7 bands in the line up on Saturday 7 July – will be a stomping night!
  • The successful Community Shares pub The Bell Inn, Walcot Street in Bath have invited us along to their AGM party on Saturday 30 June to promote our cause and talk to their investors – we’ll be taking the great band Dakka Skanks along and we hope that some of you will be able to join us


  • We have two clever PR and journalism people who are preparing a press release to go in the local and national newspapers in the coming week
  • We have contacted many of the talented bands that have played at The Barge Inn over the years and they are showing their support by promoting our cause to their fan base – if you’re one of them you should be hearing something from them very soon!
  • We’re building a large community of followers on Facebook and Twitter and will be sending you regular bulletins on social media and on our website as well as the Crowdfunder website under the guidance of our PR people
  • We have leafleted door to door locally and will hold a general meeting in the local village hall
  • The local Parish Council is engaged and helping us to spread the word
  • We have contacted all the hire boat companies in the area and local business have donated many top-quality raffle prizes to help us raise money for start-up costs
  • We have already appeared on BBC Wiltshire Radio, ITV news and had articles in Wiltshire Life and the local Gazette and Herald.  We will be approaching them again to promote the share offer now that it’s open for investment

We are asking that if you support our campaign whether investing, donating or liking our Facebook page to please help to share our campaign with your friends and strangers alike!

Please help us to publicise the campaign:

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  1. Amazing! Well done guys! Sounds like you have lots of cunning plans! (Ignore my fb post earlier basically asking if you had any more cunning plans to advertise and promote the cause…evidently you have it all in order!!!) I will be investing in at least 1 share in the coming week. Fingers crossed we can do this…! 😊☯️🕉✌

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