Minutes 5th April 18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 05/04/18

5th April 2018 Meeting 7

Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Ben Pop, Sarah Huggins Steve Grist, Bethan Englefield


· Minutes of 27th March agreed

1. Email from Cooperative People

They say that we can’t be called a cooperative. So we need to vote on a new name.

Suggestions so far: Barge Collective, Save the Barge Inn, Pewsey Vale Pub Collective, The Barge Inn Preservation Society, The Shared Barge Company, The Barge Inn Community Benefit Society.

2. Survey

The surveyor (Ben to add name and contact details) says he can act as our negotiator but the fee would 1% of the sale price. Red book would be £2k + vat or £1.5k + vat if we use him as a negotiator.

Very helpful advice and suggests we look at the story of the Packhorse near Bath.

Ben feels that 1% of sale value is a lot. He may agree to a cap, eg. 1% of sales value or £x whatever is the lower. If a 5k cap was agreed, it would be inclusive of the valuation etc.

3. Overview of Ben’s conversation with Surveyor.

1. He has acted on both sides of the very similar transactions before.

2. He thinks the chance of the council doing a compulsory purchase order is at best slim.

3. Despite a valuation, it doesn’t mean the current owner needs to sell it at that price. The only way forward is to negotiate. He feels he can put a strong case to Christie’s man, help if we do want to submit anything to the council and do a valuation.

4. If a price is agreed, we need to be certain that we can fulfil the price + all costs, legal fees, stamp duty etc.

5. It would be unusual for a bank to want to lend more than 60% of the valuation value not any multiple of the eventual agreed price.

Suggestions from Ben for way forward:

1. Get the valuation, which will set our max borrowing and will determine max bid.

Gig Update

To all you brilliant ragged people who came to support the Barge Fundraiser…

Huge thanks, respect and love. Close to four and a half thousand pounds was  raised, which will pay for a survey and valuation and to register the Barge Co-operative as a Ltd Company as well as other preliminary expenses and fees.

crowd at the save the barge benefit gig

We want to especially massively thank Emma Keyworth for the glittery faces, Carol Krebs, Amy Schuring, Yvette Dinsdale, Debbie Woodstock and Sara Jeal and Dean for their help behind the bar.  Julian Huggins for inspiringly graceful brrrgrrr flipping, Colin Wicks for helping to maximise donations on the door and Flo and Issy who you couldn’t refuse to buy raffle tickets from.

DPS of Bouverie Hall, the local constabulary who were very happy with the organisation and execution of the night, Simon Tux, Darren Appleby, Damon Hardy and Pure Groove, magnificent men who stepped in at short notice after a problem and the troop of troopers, sound crew with the massive fantastic rig. Matt Williams for the laser light show and those who brought and loaned kit and equipment.

Nigel Wallace of Pewsey Waterfront bar for helping to procure the drink and Craig of Bohemian Bars who donated a box of disorientating cider.

Big thanks and respect to Phil Brady for his help with organisation and promo…and then there’s the bands!

Two thirds of Tripolar with regrets that Helen couldn’t be there with her flute, but who still made a huge noise.

tripolar folk band

The wonderful Boot Hill All Stars who always raise the roof from the rafters (be good to see you all at their festival, Once Upon a Time In The West, 13th – 15th July, tickets still available outwestfestival.co.uk)

boot hill all stars

The hugely talented Urban Lions raised what was left of the roof with their massive bass and dirty brass finale to a great night, and the DJ’s who kept you dancing between bands.

urban lions

Thanks also to Siobhan Boyle Photography who documented the night, pictures all over Facebook probably being harvested as I speak, and too many local businesses to mention here (there is a separate list of the fantastic raffle prizes very generously donated).
Many people who couldn’t make it on the night showed their support by donating money.

And then there’s you lot…friends we saw for the first time in a while and friends we made on the night who came, donated and danced, and drank the bar dry (we’ll know better next time.) The vibe was overwhelmingly love and inspiration and reminds us what it is that we’re trying to save, and all the brilliant nights we’ve spent together; boaters, campers, crop stompers, glittery kids and the local residents who love the place as much as we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support.

dj for the night

In no particular order, The Barge Co-operative steering group:
Nel and Andy Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins, Steve Grist and the octo-barman Ben Pope

There’s a full review of the gig available on the Devizine website here

minutes 20 march 2018

Barge Cooperative Meeting Minutes

27th March 2018 6pm Meeting 6 of 6

Present Nel and Andy Lingard, Steve Grist, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins

Apologies Ben Pope, Bethan Englefield

Support Darren from Earth Radicals and Si Tux joined us to advise and generally be a godsend with Sound Equipment.

Minutes of 20th March Agreed


1. Benefit Gig at Bouverie Hall

Malfuncktion pulled out today.

· Make sure heating is turned off for evening.

· Revised Timings for Band:

Tripolar: 7.30 – 8.15

Boothills: 8.30 – 9.30

Urban Lions: 10 – 11.00

Darren will talk to Phil B about this.

· Set up hall for music, food and bar at 4pm

· Bouverie Hall terms have been added to email address . These terms are also adequate as risk assessment.

· Lights in bar and kitchen need to be dimmed – Sarah to bring plug-in lamps.

· Sharyn bring Cash box

· Sarah bring Whiteboard/whiteboard pen

· Steve bring bucket for cash on door

· Sarah bring stapler

· Nel and Andy to get float – NB: Ben recommended £100 worth.

· Stever to state on fb that there is no admission after 10.30pm


Ale – £3

Cider – £3

Cans – £2

Short + mix – £3.50 Double – £5

Wine – £4 125 measure £3.50

Sharyn to bring chalkboard/chalk to list prices

Burgers/Hot Dogs/Veggie Burger – £2

David Boyle response to Rules

The amendments cost money

1-6 amendments = £150

7 – 10 = £350

10 + = £950

Questions to David Boyle: Who does the payments go to? What other charges should we expect to incur through the process?

Public Meeting

After the gig, we will set a date for a public meeting to be held, probably at Coronation Hall by the end of April.

Coms post Gig

We will send out communication re the following after the gig:

– How much we have raised

– Thanks to everyone who supported

– Where we’re at in terms of the process.

– Our next steps

Information for Gig

Sarah to draft a poster for foyer of gig.

Next Meeting not yet set.

Raffle Prizes

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our raffle. We are overwhelmed with your generosity and support.

1. Gypsy Caravan Ride to the Seven Stars and Back. Time to pop in for a pint or a spot of lunch. A great and unusual prize donated by Polly Carson of White Horse Gypsy Caravans. Phone Polly on 01672 851119 to book your trip. www.whitehorsegypsycaravans.co.uk

pewsey wharf2. A Main Meal and Bottle of Wine at the Waterfront Bar and Bistro, courtesy of Nigel Wallace.

Book your winning meal on 01672 564020 or visit their facebook page, The Waterfront Bar and Bistro at Pewsey Wharf

3. Free Service Wash from Market Place Launderette. Ella and Martin have completely revitalized the launderette and are very happy to support local causes. Phone on 01380 723728

herd thyme4. One hour of Herd Thyme Equine Facilitated Learning and Bareback Riding – meet Kara, Blackthorn, Jimmy, Primrose, Nelson and Frieda the donkey in the beautiful setting of Crofton. Kara’s outstanding skills in working with horses will guarantee that you come away refreshed and nurtured. Visit https://herdthyme.wordpress.com/

urban lions album5. Urban Lions, new single, ‘See Me Rise’. An enormous thank you to Phil

and the band for all their help and support with our exciting new venture.

6. Gift Vouchers and Body Shop products from ‘Charli and Jo’ at the Wakkie Hair and Ink Companies. Charli and Jo love the Barge so much that they bought a narrowboat and moved onto the canal!

7. A delicious ‘Crop Circle’ Cake designed and made by Starr Norcliffe.

8. Two haircuts from The Barbers Room, Pewsey. Make your booking on 01672 569345

9. Tamsin Whinton – Gig voucher! You can book Tamsin to play at any celebration you like! Tamsin has also given us two more raffle prizes of a Spoon Carving workshop for the Winner and Five friends in Devizes and a Hand Carved Wooden gift.

10. Jemima Thompson, Pewsey – £60 voucher for home makeup/hairstyling.

11. Comfy Critters – £35 dog grooming voucher. Thank you to Mac and Les for your generous support. Find Comfy Critters on http://comfycritters.co.uk/

12. Absolute Style: Wash, cut and blow dry voucher. Visit http://www.absolute-style.com/ for your wonderful pampering experience.

13. Karuna Swedish Massage from Deborah Woodstock – visit her facebook page at Karuna SwedishMassage for the ultimate pampering treat!applecart cafe

14. Two free Breakfasts at the Applecart, Pewsey. Yum!


purple hands-shop-pewsey15. £20 voucher from Lez at Purple Hands, Pewsey. Lez’s new ‘hippie’ emporium opened just a month ago and is well worth a visit.

16. A Crystal Heart Necklace from Crystal Clear. Visit their website at https://crystalclearshop.com/
crystal clear

17. Picture frame from Bethan Englefield 

coopers arms18. Bottle of Prosecco from the Coopers Arms, Pewsey.

19. Festival Tickets, courtesy of Hawkeye Hoolihan. One for Wonkeydonk and the other for Dark Holler. For further details, see Lez at Purple Hands. These are two great little family festivals, held at Lychett Matravers in Dorset.

20. Bottle of Chardonnay, courtesy of the quiz winning team at the Royal Oak! Thanks guys!

21. £5 voucher to spend at Around the World, Pewsey, a great shop full of surprises.

22. A hand crafted walking stick from Peter Munt. A Lurcher head on a hawthorn stick, with black buffalo horn for decoration

(We may well have a few more to add too)

minutes 20 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative:   Meeting Minutes

20th March 2018   6pm Meeting 5 of 5  
Present Andy Lingard, Nel Lingard, Steve Grist, Sharyn Jarvis, Sarah Huggins, Ben Pope

Apologies:  Bethan Englefield


  • Minutes of 13th March agreed by group.


  • Draft rules – agree and sign off

Rules agreed and signed off – two outstanding queries that Nel will draft.  


  • Update from Ben’s conversation with Christies


  • No accounts available

Christies are fine with overage

  • Building work that hasn’t been remedied, a sum will need to be deducted from purchase price.
  • Current owner doesn’t want to go to lease but there was discussion about a tenancy at will (no defined period, each side only needs to give one month’s notice).
  • Christies does not have any instruction not to sell it to us. Current ownders lawyer have no instruction to not sell to us.

Situation with current owners discussed .

  • Christie’s man will email Current Owner about confirmation about selling to us, tenancy at will.


  1. Esther – PR and TV. Esther was not able to join us at the meeting.
  2. Nick Brown – previous life in Mergers & Acquisitions & Legal officer for K&A group

– Ben is leaving on 10th April until end of November.

 – Group agreed that in Ben’s absence, we will consult Nick with any legalese questions if needed and if he is able to help.

  1. Benefit gig tasks and countdown: Task list given out.
  2. AOB: We will have a valuation and survey then make a firm decision as to what we are prepared to pay.


Next Meeting:  Southgate , Tuesday 27th at 6pm

minutes 13 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

13th March 2018                     6pm Meeting 4 of 4  
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Ben Pop, Sarah Huggins Apologies:  Steve Grist, Bethan Englefield



  • Minutes of 8th March agreed by group.


The format being used is a ‘fits all’ one, which has been sent by David Boyle.  As a group we need to ensure that it suits our purpose.  Nel and Ben will do this and will present the changes to the group before the benefit so that we can register the company once we have the funds from the gig.

Amendments/Decisions made at this meeting:

  • Directors hold 3year term.
  • There are 5 meetings per year, 1 AGM + 4 General – some discussion took place as to how to hold these meetings – this can be decided at a later date.
  • Membership Criteria – the group decided No to User and Employee members.  Yes to Supporter members.
  • There will be an elected board of directors, voted at the first AGM, which takes place after 18 months from company being in business. Potential candidates will be viewed online/village newsletter/village noticeboard.


PCC link

Polly Carson will be our PCC liaison.

Sharyn will contact Jackie and Liz.  We would also like to ask Robert CT to join us in a capacity.

Community Benefits

Discussion took place around how the pub will be beneficial to the community, aside from being a community pub. Ideas ranged from ensuring a place for younger members of the community to gather safely (youth club) to providing music and food to over sixties.  Ben also talked about a Community Points card scheme, where people who were signed up could issue points to be used in the pub, for example, litter picking along the towpath.

Ben also suggested a google document, named Scribbleboard, where we can add ideas and suggestions as they come to be decided on at a later date.


This was agreed and Sharyn will talk to Tanya at Wessex print to get 400 copies to be signed at benefit and taken door to door.


We will need to decide and designate roles in the company.

Funds raised from Benefit

For registration and valuation initially, depending on amount raised.  Survey also, if funds allow.


Sarah will make a poster of raffle prizes to have up at gig.

Future Meetings

Need to make meetings more structured and take it in turns to be chair.

Next Meeting Black Horse 20th March

minutes 8 march 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

8th March 2018     6pm Meeting 3 of 3
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Sarah Huggins Apologies:  Ben Pope, Bethan Englefield


Minutes of 20th February agreed.


Support from Urban Lions

  • Steve to make post on fb page with links to the bands playing to promote their music.
  • Steve to make post on fb page to ask bands that have played at the Barge to send their best song to Phil for mixing.
  • Sharyn to invite Phil to look over Bouverie Hall, Andy to join.
  • Discussion re. admin rights to facebook page – Steering Group only.


  • Nel updated PCC on where we are with bid. They were very positive.
  • PCC agreed to post information on their village website and in newsletter.
  • Polly Carson agreed to be the PCC liaison for the Barge Cooperative and the PCC agreed to ask for locals to come forward to also represent the village.
  • PCC made official decision that they were not going for a bid and will inform the council that this is so. They will also add that we are going to bid.

Community Shares Company

  • Steve updated us on his conversation with David Boyle. The Community Shares Company is looking more favourable as a mentor and signposter to access funding.  Nel will talk to David (also Ben if available) and the group agreed that they will accept whichever decision Ben and Nel make as to who to go with (Plunkett or CSC)

Legal Structures

  • Nel has gone through four main choices of community company. She has recommended that we go for Community Benefit Society as it ticks the most boxes to fit our purpose.

Setting up Company

  • Need to get going with the formation of the company as we need a business bank account to be able to begin accessing funding. To set up the company we need to decide the rules and will follow the Rulebook that David Boyle has sent to email.  This will be completed at next meeting.
  • Next step will be to register as a ltd company at Companies House and with FCA – will DB be able to help out with that?


Benefit Gig

  • Raffle: Tickets are £1 each.  Sharyn has sold a lot and has obtained more raffle prizes  – see list.
  • Sharyn will contact Marden Community minibus + driver to run people from Woodbridge and Golden Swan.
  • Raffle Money will be stored in Nel’s saving account for now until we have a business account.
  • Takings on night will be stored in an agreed place.
  • All alcohol is sale or return apart from cans of lager and cider.

Next Meeting:  Black Horse  Tuesday 13th March

minutes 20 feb 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

20th February 2018  6pm Meeting 2 of 2  
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sarah Huggins, Bethan Englefield.


Minutes of 13th February Agreed

Agenda:  Nel went through the project plan – all members to go through project plan with Plunket doc.

  1. Grants available – Andy will research and find out.
  2. Sharyn to go back to Plunkett people and seek mentor. Each member of Steering group to pledge £10 for membership.
  3. Legal – We need to write the rules – Ben to talk to banks on finding finance list to find out if they have panel lawyers and surveyors etc.
  4. We need start up costs for lawyers etc. Music night – Bouverie Hall – Sharyn contact and book.  Fundraiser needs to raise £5000.  Write to local businesses to donate raffle prizes, Nige to donate a barrel, £10 per ticket, Sharyn – rest of beer, get tickets printed (Chezzy), Chezzy to print posters.  Merchandise – t-shirts (I’m INN??) Go for 31st
  5. Me to put list of banks up on email address for Ben to email everyone.
  6. Get writing to celebrities – research and write personal letters.
  7. Ben to set up Google Docs – spreadsheets etc.
  8. Steve to finish website.
  9. Bethan to talk to Stig, Pete and Emma at Swan in Enford (community pub) + chap who owns The Music Box.


Ben – see below for list of banks.

Parish Council can apply for a Public Works Loan which can be passed to organisation as grant

Community Development Finance Institutions

Go through Finding Finance – put in Wiltshire/250000-999999 – came up with these banks:

Charity Bank – www.charitybank.org

Big Issue Invest – www.bigissueinvest.com

FSE Local Growth Finance – www.thefsegroup .com

RBS Social and Community Capital – up to 750,000 – www.rbs.co.uk/scc

Resonance Community Land and Finance – clfcic@resonance.ltd.uk

Triodos Bank – (sounds really good, only lends to places that create real social, environmental and cultural value.

minutes 13 feb 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

13th February 2018 Meeting 1 of 1
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sarah Huggins



  • How formally/informally are the Parish Council going to back us?

Parish Council wish to remain impartial.

  • Response to Simon Day

Sarah email Simon Day – Barge Inn Cooperative

  • Plunkett Foundation – go for the Plunkett method until we feel we need a different way.
  • Community Interest Companies –
  • Business Plan Template
  • Questionnaire
  • Crowdfunding
  • Statement of intent to bid
  • Barge Inn Action Group Facebook account.

Steve to look into.

  • Publicity
  • Website – Steve – basic page to begin with
  • Need a bank account

ACV helpline number: 01727798449 (from Plunkett lady)

AOB:  Sarah to create new email address for Barge Inn Cooperative