The Barge Inn share offer is LIVE!

  • The Barge Inn Share Offer

    Our campaign to raise funds to buy the Barge Inn is now live on Crowdfunder and ready to receive your pledges.

    Much has been said about how important pubs are to communities, particularly a small rural community such as ours so there is no need to cover that ground again here. The Crowdfunder site has our share offer where our motivations are explained, our business plan and the Company rules are also there for you to read.

    The steering group have worked long and hard on this project and have been overwhelmed and hugely heartened by the support and encouragement from not only the local community, but also from the many people who have contacted us from further afield, those who have loved coming here over the years and know how special the place is.

    Form the very beginning of our campaign, we committed ourselves to complete transparency, and as a Community Benefit Society, The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd are registered with the FCA and Co-operatives UK. Rules are in place to preclude any possibility of profiteering – specifically the asset lock, which is a defining characteristic of this type of Society, and there is a one member, one vote policy, which means that a larger investor will have no more influence on decisions than a small investor. As a member you will be expected to participate in meetings at which decisions affecting the Company will be taken.

    It will be YOUR pub, and bearing this in mind, your first task is for to help us to promote the Crowdfunder site. We need you to share on social media, we need you to infect your friends and family with your love and enthusiasm for the Barge Inn, we need you to paint yourself hi viz and shout from the topmost branches of the tallest trees! Evangelise!

    We have preparations to take the campaign national, we have done our bit, we need you to do your bit now and get the ball rolling. Exciting times!

    The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd



From all your messages of support we know there’s a huge amount of interest out there – we now need you to translate that into investment, so please don’t delay and invest today!
What’s in it for you?

• The first £150,000 invested will attract 50% tax relief with the remaining investments attracting 30% tax relief under the SEED EIS and EIS schemes. You can offset this tax relief against income tax, inheritance tax and half your capital gains tax.

• Following the 3-year moratorium we intend to pay interest on your investment of up to 3% from the operating profits.

• Once the freehold is truly in community hands, then you will have say in the decision making and how it’s run.
Why should you invest now?

• If you’re thinking that you want to wait to see if we reach our minimum target of £500,000 before you invest then we’re unlikely to succeed. We need you to invest now to help build the momentum – we’ve got a long way to go!

• Before we can apply for advance assurance from HMRC for the tax relief we need at least £50,000 to be invested.

• If we don’t reach our minimum target of £500,000 then all your money will be returned to you in full so why not commit now to encourage others to follow?

• If you are finding it hard to find the minimum investment of £250 – have you considered setting up a syndicate?
Help save this wonderful pub from property developers and speculators for you, your friends and family.

Without your commitment the project will fail. We’ve all invested – now it’s up to YOU!

Campaign Update 24/6/18

Thank you to all the supporters of The Barge Inn that have invested and donated so far.  We’re just at the beginning of our campaign so we’d like to update you on exciting coming events and marketing strategy:


  • Out West festival in Wiltshire have put aside 100 adult tickets to be sold through their website and will donate £10 for every ticket using the code ‘bargehoney’.  We’ll be there promoting the cause so hope to see you there!
  • Wonky Donk and Dark Holler festivals will donate £15 for every ticket purchased through the shop Purple Hands in Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • The well-known music venue Scream Music Studios in Croydon, London are hosting a benefit gig with 7 bands in the line up on Saturday 7 July – will be a stomping night!
  • The successful Community Shares pub The Bell Inn, Walcot Street in Bath have invited us along to their AGM party on Saturday 30 June to promote our cause and talk to their investors – we’ll be taking the great band Dakka Skanks along and we hope that some of you will be able to join us


  • We have two clever PR and journalism people who are preparing a press release to go in the local and national newspapers in the coming week
  • We have contacted many of the talented bands that have played at The Barge Inn over the years and they are showing their support by promoting our cause to their fan base – if you’re one of them you should be hearing something from them very soon!
  • We’re building a large community of followers on Facebook and Twitter and will be sending you regular bulletins on social media and on our website as well as the Crowdfunder website under the guidance of our PR people
  • We have leafleted door to door locally and will hold a general meeting in the local village hall
  • The local Parish Council is engaged and helping us to spread the word
  • We have contacted all the hire boat companies in the area and local business have donated many top-quality raffle prizes to help us raise money for start-up costs
  • We have already appeared on BBC Wiltshire Radio, ITV news and had articles in Wiltshire Life and the local Gazette and Herald.  We will be approaching them again to promote the share offer now that it’s open for investment

We are asking that if you support our campaign whether investing, donating or liking our Facebook page to please help to share our campaign with your friends and strangers alike!


For investing in shares to help us save the Barge Inn, please see the links at the top of this page, or go to Crowdfunder directly. If you cannot invest in shares, you can make a donation using the button below.

We have been very fortunate in having been helped by many people who have worked on this project for free, however there are costs such as printing promotional materials, legal fees etc which we have to pay for. Some of your donation money will go towards these expenses.


Minutes 1/5/18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 1/5/18

1 st May 2018 Meeting 10 of 10
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sarah Huggins
Apologies Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sharyn Jarvis

 Crowdfunder/Share offer
 Publicity
 Jonathan Ashbridge/Valuation
 Bell in Bath

1. Crowdfunder/Share offer
The share offer is a huge piece of work and needs to be absolutely correct. Arranged a day
to sort out on 11 th May. Already have history etc/need business parts and legalese.
Must go on: Tick boxes to say been read, whether interested in tax relief, nomination of
beneficiary form – name, address, email, phone.
Tick box – declare over minimum age of 16
Tick box – permission to sent newsletters and other communication relating only to society
business – need that for data protection rules
Also need to state that won’t share data with anyone
Steve advised that the law on opt-in is tightening.
Do we have someone allocated to us for support with crowdfunder?
2. ITV feature was good on the whole and is generating lots of enquiries re. shares. Once the
share offer is up and running, Esther will jump in with her PR contacts. All in place and ready
to go.
3. Jonathan Ashbridge
Meeting was successful and JA has agreed to work for us pro bono. This shared on
facebook. Contact re. valuers were unsuccessful so we have decided to instruct James Baker
in Bath.

4. David Boyle/HMRC
Has provided us with a letter ready to go to HMRC, as soon as registration is complete. We
can treat the venture as a set up business which means that investors will be eligible for 50%
tax relief.

5. Bell in Bath
Have been hugely supportive and have offered to hold a fundraiser on our behalf after their
AGM. They will provide a band for the afternoon and we need to provide one for the
evening. Also need to discuss how to publicise this.

Jobs for each person in group to do by 11 th May
Andy: Email JA with business plan, continue to work on funding and grants, contact Bell re. publicity
and read handbook.
Nel: Complete legal part of share offer, put completed business plan with figures on email, read
Sarah: Send completed business plan to Alex for perusal and feedback, Leaflet Altons and Stanton
Sharyn: Read handbook

minutes 21/4/18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 21/4/18

21 st April 2018 Meeting 9 of 9
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sarah Huggins
Apologies Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sharyn Jarvis
 How to improve publicity – twitter – Sara Jeal
 Jonathan Ashbridge
 Plunkett grants
 Booster Programme Wiltshire Council – grant opportunity
 Business Plan – final review and sign off.
1. Steve to continue to be part of group but also now to include Sara Jeal to manage twitter
and co-manage facebook account. Andy to also be involved in this.
2. Jonathan Ashbridge
Andy and Nel meeting JA (local) tonight to request support with legal background and also
negotiations of sale.
3. Plunkett
Nel has applied to Plunkett for grant/loan £100, 000 which is part loan £50k and part grant
50k. There is also provision for a bursary of £2500.
4. WCC
Possibilities of grants from WCC – Andy to research.
5. Business Plan
Final amendments – still awaiting correct figures/3 year projection.

Minutes 12 April 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 12/04/18

12th April 2018 Meeting 7 of 7

Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist

Apologies Sarah Huggins


* Minutes of 5th April agreed

* Project Action Plan/Registration Update

* PR

* Ideas for next fundraiser

* Business Plan

* Expense/Income Balance Sheet

* Negotiator/Value

* Voting re. name in minutes

* Recruitment for Skilled Directors.

1. Action Plan

Action Plan viewed by team.

2. PR

Andy and Nel updated re. meeting with Esther. She has many contacts, including tv, broadsheets and tabloids. She is very keen to help. Sharyn to liaise with Matt re. Youtube stuff, i.e. radio interview/photos + other PR ventures.

3. Next fundraiser

16th June gig – Sharyn to contact Coronation Hall to see if available. Also contact MJ. Sarah to talk to State of Undress. Decided to have a music/summer fete day, cake, tombola, hook a duck, lucky dip + other suggestions. Ask Pete about a clown session.

4. Business Plan

Nel to revise business plan and email it to the group for approval and amendments. Nel reported that the bank with the best fit for us is ‘Ecology Building.’ She will call them on Monday

5. Expense/Income Balance Sheet – created by Nel and emailed to group for additions.

6. Negotiator/Value

We need trades people to inspect timbers/woodwork for valuation purposes. Double check fixtures and fittings. Contact Christies to find out what is included in the purchasing price.

7. Recruitment for Skilled Directors

Sarah to draft advert for website and facebook page. Sharyn to contact Jen re accountancy, Ady to contact Mel and Sue re. daughter for solicitors

8. Leaflet for information and potential investors

The group are happy with the wording, colours need adjusting when go to print.

9. Crowdfunding

Advice required from David Boyle. Sarah/Sharyn to sort out.

10. Need to write up the gig proceeds and steps – Steve?

11. Andy is to contact council re. the planning enforcement order.

12. Sarah and Sharyn to manage door to door leaflets and questionnaires.

13. Andy and Nel updated re. meeting with Nick Brown. We need to make sure investors are reassured that we are going to stick with the project physically.

14. Andy to contact economic development officer at council. Prospectus run by FCA

Minutes 17/4/18

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes 17/4/18

17 th April 2018 Meeting 8 of 8
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis,Sarah Huggins
Apologies Steve Grist, Ben Pope
 Bank
 David Boyle
 Donations
 Business Plan
 Registration
 Crowdfunder
1. Bank
Ecology don’t do current accounts. HSBC is a good option – made appointment for Friady.
2. David Boyle
is fine with all queries. He has told us about the standard mark – we can apply for £10,000
start-up funding on application.
3. DBB
– has given us money from the Southgate chilli night – needs banking.
4. Figures for Business Plan
Went through the Business Plan in detail – amended and tweaked. Need a 3 year
projection, currently only have 2.
5. Crowdfunder
We need to include the business plan on the page.
6. Registration of the Company is currently 3 weeks away.
7. Public Meeting – arrange for June 16 th Coronation Hall – Sarah to arrange.
8. Still looking out for a valuer – tried various contacts around the area.