minutes 20 feb 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

20th February 2018  6pm Meeting 2 of 2  
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sarah Huggins, Bethan Englefield.


Minutes of 13th February Agreed

Agenda:  Nel went through the project plan – all members to go through project plan with Plunket doc.

  1. Grants available – Andy will research and find out.
  2. Sharyn to go back to Plunkett people and seek mentor. Each member of Steering group to pledge £10 for membership.
  3. Legal – We need to write the rules – Ben to talk to banks on finding finance list to find out if they have panel lawyers and surveyors etc.
  4. We need start up costs for lawyers etc. Music night – Bouverie Hall – Sharyn contact and book.  Fundraiser needs to raise £5000.  Write to local businesses to donate raffle prizes, Nige to donate a barrel, £10 per ticket, Sharyn – rest of beer, get tickets printed (Chezzy), Chezzy to print posters.  Merchandise – t-shirts (I’m INN??) Go for 31st
  5. Me to put list of banks up on email address for Ben to email everyone.
  6. Get writing to celebrities – research and write personal letters.
  7. Ben to set up Google Docs – spreadsheets etc.
  8. Steve to finish website.
  9. Bethan to talk to Stig, Pete and Emma at Swan in Enford (community pub) + chap who owns The Music Box.


Ben – see below for list of banks.

Parish Council can apply for a Public Works Loan which can be passed to organisation as grant

Community Development Finance Institutions

Go through Finding Finance – put in Wiltshire/250000-999999 – came up with these banks:

Charity Bank – www.charitybank.org

Big Issue Invest – www.bigissueinvest.com

FSE Local Growth Finance – www.thefsegroup .com

RBS Social and Community Capital – up to 750,000 – www.rbs.co.uk/scc

Resonance Community Land and Finance – clfcic@resonance.ltd.uk

Triodos Bank – (sounds really good, only lends to places that create real social, environmental and cultural value.

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minutes 13 feb 2018

Barge Inn Cooperative Meeting Minutes

13th February 2018 Meeting 1 of 1
Present Andy and Nel Lingard, Sharyn Jarvis, Steve Grist, Ben Pope, Sarah Huggins



  • How formally/informally are the Parish Council going to back us?

Parish Council wish to remain impartial.

  • Response to Simon Day

Sarah email Simon Day – Barge Inn Cooperative

  • Plunkett Foundation – go for the Plunkett method until we feel we need a different way.
  • Community Interest Companies –
  • Business Plan Template
  • Questionnaire
  • Crowdfunding
  • Statement of intent to bid
  • Barge Inn Action Group Facebook account.

Steve to look into.

  • Publicity
  • Website – Steve – basic page to begin with
  • Need a bank account

ACV helpline number: 01727798449 (from Plunkett lady)

AOB:  Sarah to create new email address for Barge Inn Cooperative

Please help us to publicise the campaign: